[Shower Thought] Is an attack on Energy (like happening globally) an attack on Bitcoin?

1M Ago
before you downvote: I'm just curious what your thoughts are on this topic. No FUD - I don't believe that anybody but we can control Bitcoin, but it looks to me, like there is something in the bushes. In recent news we see, that there is obviously a huge attack going on how energy gets distributed. Prices are rising and governements taking over to control energy. E.g. they can just bring the price up to unbelievable prices (+100%) - look at the german energy market or austria, gas prices and all the stuff. So I personally don't see Bitcoin in danger - but I can see how the governments on a global scale trying to prevent and control the use of energy - and Bitcoin is energy - it looks a little bit like an planned attempt to attack on PoW to me...