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Should I withdraw my pension fund and buy Bitcoin?

I've been in Bitcoin since 2013. Bought my first sats on mtgox. No, I haven't bought that many back then, even though it was so incredibly cheap, and I could have. I was into the tech and ignorant of economics. Now I've spent a few years down the rabbit hole. Deep. Down. The. Rabbit. Hole. I won't disclose how much I have. It's not that much I guess, but for me it's about 35% of my net worth in Bitcoin. I'm 45 years old and earn in the top 2%. I do have this pension fund, which I honestly believe I'll never get to enjoy. If I sell it, I pay a "penalty" of about 33% in taxes. And if I sell it I can enlarge my holdings by 40%. Currently, I can retire comfortably if Bitcoin gets to $100k. If I liquidate the pension fund, I can retire when Bitcoin hits $60k (give or take). Right now the only reasons I even keep paying into this Pension fund is because: 1. My country mandates it. I have to. 2. It's a hedge again Bitcoin. Essentially a hedge against me being wrong about everything and being an idiot. Should I go all in? This period in time feels like an inflection point. It's what I'll be telling my grandchildren about endlessly. Should I forego the safety net?
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