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Shelling Out: The Origins of Money (Nick Szabo 2002)

1:00 Money6:02 Collectibles10:24 Evolution, Cooperation, and Collectibles31:31 Gains From Wealth Transfers38:17 Starvation Insurance54:48 Kin Altruism Beyond the Grave1:03:31 The Family Trade1:09:34 The Spoils of War1:22:13 Disputes and Remedies1:25:02 Attributes of Collectibles1:35:08 ConclusionAll credit to Nick Szabo. You're better off just reading Shelling Out yourself, but if one person watches this that otherwise wouldn't have read it, then I'll be happy. We all have to stay busy during this social distancing as we battle the Wuhan coronavirus. Be safe out there.Thank you to Jameson Lopp for providing a voice recording, please check out Jameson's excellent content at Rice Fields in Indonesia, Wilderbeest in Evening Sun, Young Boxer Training with Coach, Boxer Punching Towards Camera in Slow Motion, Women Fishing Nigeria, Woman Breaking Up Soil in a Tobacco Field, Woman Carrying a Bundle of Crops, Mother Holding Babys Hand, Tracking Trading Candlesticks on Black Screen, Aerial View of Cows in a Field, Aerial View Of Cows Grazing, South Africa Farmland, Roasting Pig on a Spit CU, Panning Across a Selection of Fish at a Stall, Setting Sun in Kenya, Silhouetted Family Walking Along Beach at Sunset, Piggy Bank Rotating on Pennies all provided by Videvo and downloaded from https://www.videvo.netOrganic Cells Loopable + Infected Cells Looping Animated Background courtesy of www.beachfrontbroll.comThank you Redstone Jazz for the Minecraft footage. Check out dope gaming vids at you Producer Michael for great content and giving Adam a job. Check out their channel here

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