Serious question. Why do we need to wait and rely on USA?


I know the US is the world currency right now. USA controls the economy. I'm from Latin America and starting to ask myself:

"why the hell should I keep waiting for external forces to validate something that is global? "

I mean... Everyone is so scared of regulations on USA... Why? Is only just ONE country. We are more humans than just one government. We are the first humans in history to have the tools in our hands to take action!!

This is the whole point of Bitcoin, a global, transparent, incorruptible software running in the ciberspace, an alternative to actual monetary system.

So... Why so scared? Empires drown themselves to destruction, what makes you think differently of USA government if they keep doing the same?

If USA makes it impossible for me to use my Bitcoin, why not better build somewhere else? There are plenty of beautiful countries in our planet.

Why do we keep giving the USA so much power? The key is in our hands!!

And in our ledgers. We are the new empire!!😎πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸͺ