Saving is spending


Im bored of the argument that people dont spend bitcoin, so its not a currency.

First off, its up to every individual how they decide to spend their shit.

Secondly, the people who are saving in bitcoin (hodlers) are spending it. They are buying the most important thing in their life with it. Time. They are buying time for their future selves by saving bitcoin. Why spend on dumb clothes and shit when you can buy time?

Thirdly, a definition of a currency cant be some subjective bullshit. Hey look that guy is shoving bitcoin up his ass, so its not a currency. Fuck that.

As long as bitcoin can act as a currency, ie durable, divisible, portable, verifiable and as long as there is atleast one person using it as such either for saving or spending, I say bitcoin is a currency.

Just wanted to put this out there for anyone who needed this.