Sat symbol idea

Sat symbol idea

Sat symbol idea

The following Satoshi symbol idea was inspired by the work already done by the preeminent Sats Symbol and the newly introduced satoshi symbol of combining an "s" and the "@" symbol by Bitko Yinowsky; their symbols were recently shared in a tweet by Bitcoin New Daily in the following post:

Before I post my idea, I'd like to highlight some key factors that affect how powerful a symbol is, monetarily and culturally speaking. A strong symbol:

  • Speaks to the meaning of what it represents, often in multiple/different ways.
  • Must be distinguishable, even if the differences between it and others are subtle.
  • Ideally, especially for a currency symbol, it needs to be easily replicable/written/expressed.
  • "Less" is often "more"; K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid).

Of the two ideas put forward by Sat Symbol and Bitko Yinowsky, I must say I prefer the former, as it perfectly marries together the ideas that while satoshis are bountiful, abundant, plentiful, the total number of bitcoin is inexorably approaching the limit (Unicode character ≐ U+2250). Having said this, a currency symbol IMO derives its practicality from how easily/quickly it is written. I am concerned that nocoiners will find it alien, or simply "too much effort" to write out (I know, its pedantic, but a consideration nonetheless).

Which is why I appreciate Bitko Yinowsky's symbol, as it's already very familiar looking and legible. However, people have pointed out that the "@" symbol is not expressed consistently in other countries, who's cultures may apply different pronunciations/attribute different meanings to the "@" symbol, which presupposes that the symbol only really "clicks" with English native-speakers.

As I said, I took inspiration from both ideas, as they both have merit. So here's my (albeit crude) symbol submission:


  • Bitcoin's symbol is the capital letter "B"; not to say the satoshi symbol must be comprised of the letter "s", but it certainly maintains continuity.
  • The legible-flow of the letter "s" is in keeping with the "stacking sats" mantra; DCA, DCA, DCA.
  • The diagonal through the middle of the "s" is similar to the Sat Symbol (丰), and connects the "s" together, reminiscent of the infinity symbol ∞:
    • Under hyperbitcoinization, everything will be priced in terms of bitcoin (∞/21M)
    • Every 10 minutes, billions of satoshis ebb and flow across the network, like an infinity stream.
  • Besides infinity, the diagonal also makes the "s" look like the number 8; as most bitcoiners know, satoshis are fractions of a bitcoin expressed to eight decimal places; one bitcoin is 1.00000000 BTC, or 100,000,000 satoshis. The symbol provides a mental-anchor point, subconsciously reminding users how many decimal places satoshis are expressed, in terms of whole bitcoins.
    • For countries that use dollars and cents, the latter "cents" comes from the latin "centum" meaning "hundred"; $1 is made up of 100 cents, with dollars and cents fully expressed to two decimal places, e.g. $3.50.
  • To nocoiners, this symbol is reminiscent to the dollar symbol "$"; English speaker or ESL (English as Second Language), the dollar is entrenched in our collective international psyche (although, however similar it is, I hope you agree that it is distinct enough!).

Had I had full-access to Adobe Illustrator (as I do normally), I could've rendered a much higher quality version, however for the purposes of sharing the initial idea, Paint sufficed.

I hope to encourage critical discussions, creative thinking, and above all the idea that nothing is determined for us already; we are all clearly so early in the overall bitcoin adoption cycle. Bitcoin as a protocol is open source, and is strong because of it; I'd like to think all aspects of Bitcoin can remain open and accepting to thoughtful discourse, as who knows what new uses Bitcoin will address beyond its use as a SoV/UoA, and it's ability to transfer wealth across time and space.