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Run On The Exchanges happening in china. Its like a bank run, chinese are rushing to withdrawal Bitcoin from the exchanges. 60,000+ BTC withdrawal over the past 7 days from chinese exchanges. Theres also some small panic selling, you may have noticed.

Rumors going around that Huobi executive has been arrested. Few weeks ago Okex executive got arrested and BTC withdrawals are halted Chinese are panicing and withdrawal BTC from Huobi and Binance, just to be safe. ​ **What should you do?** withdrawal your BTC from any exchange into your own wallet! not your keys not your coins, dont let a exchange freeze your coins, move them to a wallet now! don't have a wallet? get on free []( ​ With no coins left on the exchanges Bitcoin could become sold out in the future and price will go to trillions. **Exchange runs are good for bitcoin**
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Peter Schiff still doesn’t get it. Real Bitcoiners aren’t trying to cash out. We didn’t come here just to sellout for USD War Bucks, but the IRS only accepts USD, so we are forced to comply. Peter Schiff’s opposition to Bitcoin and support for Gold rests entirely on appeals to authority.

Bitcoin bulls believe that if they pump the #Bitcoin price high enough institutions will have no choice but to buy for fear of missing out. If so, this would be the first bubble in history where littl...