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ROOM77 is closing for good. We think our mission is accomplished and it is time to go back to our home planet. Thanks for all the fish and the generous tips!

We are people from a solar system not yet discovered by humanity and have been watching your species for the last 30.000 years. We had reason to believe that Homo Sapiens will go the same way as Erectus, Neandethalensis and the Denisovans. However, when we discovered that the Nakamoto guy invented Bitcoin, we realised that you do have a future. Once a civilisation has developed a planetary hard money system it usually does not take long until its members become peaceful and start putting their resources into developing longevity and space travel instead of governments and weapons. The first ten years of such a money are crucial, as there are always forces who want to hold back development and keep you in chains. We therefor stopped by, occupied that little joint in Berlin Kreuzberg and started promoting and explaining the importance of this step to the unaware public and offering a place where the development of the technology is being driven forward. And we had a great time doing so, having a lot of fun and making many friends. It is clear by now that nobody will stop Bitcoin anymore. Sound money on a global scale will soon make it unfeasable to wage wars and it will create economic equality amongst mankind. We estimate it will take you less than another century to rise and join the intergalactic community. So see all you sweet people out there soon, thanks again for all the fish and the generous tips!
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