Restoring a Wallet on another platform


TL:DR - How do I use a Seed Phrase on a different platform than it was originally created to reclaim access to my wallet (not sure I wording it right)?

Been buying for a year and a bit. Rough times to FOMO in but it is what it is. Mostly BTC but a few shitcoins along the way. Just gonna hodl.

Not sure if platform is the right word but if I had a D'cent cold wallet and then bought a Ledger, could I just put in the 24 word pass phrase and as long as the same coins are supported I have access to them?

Basically, if I lose hard/cold wallet of anything (or the cold wallet company went bankrupt and stopped updating) and I buy a different company's cold wallet, can I use a 24 word phrase key to reclaim? Could I even use it with hot wallet like Exodus if I wanted to ?