Request for 3D scan of Satoshi Nakamoto Statue in Hungary

19D Ago
Hello. I would like to 3D print a bust of Satoshi Nakamoto. I don't want to use the existing models that can be found online, because the old Japanese guy from the meme isn't Satoshi Nakamoto. I like the design of the statue in Hungary, but I'm in America. There is an iOS/Android app called Polycam that can be used to acquire 3D models of a subject by stitching together lots of photographs. If somebody in Hungary could do this, I think a lot of Bitcoiners would appreciate it! Unfortunately, the app requires that the subject be as non-reflective as possible, and the statue in Hungary is intentionally very reflective. Therefore, if anybody did acquire a 3D scan of the statue, they would probably first have to coat it in some material that is non-reflective and is also easily removable when the scan is completed. I know this request is kind of a long shot, but I just thought I'd throw the idea out there in case somebody likes the idea and is motivated enough to do it.