Reminder for beginners - 4 easy steps how to start with BTC.


Hi! I will write down few easy steps to new beginners with BTC here. I will not write why is BTC the best “thing” in which you can invest right now in this strange econimic time because if you are here, you should probably know it!

  1. So, First of all. You must choose (unfortunately) some CEX to start buying your BTC. There are tons of them but try to start with verified like Binance,Coinbase,Kraken,KuCoin etc. My personal option is Kraken. Easy app for begginers for more than 10years here and without their own scamy token. There is also other ways to buy BTC without KYC ( Know Your Customer ) but this is not good for beginners because it is more difficult if you don’t have needed experiences.

  2. On your CEX which you choose you can easily start DCAing ( Daily Cost Average ) into BTC. You can pay by deposit via bank transfer or with your credit card ( apple pay, google pay etc. ) Your balance will show in your exchange “wallet” and here we are. The most important thing! Step.3

  3. Buy Hardware Wallet. The best ones is Trezor or Ledger. It will cost you (depends on where you live) approximately 75-100€ but it is definitelly worth it. With this, you are your own bank, nobody else! Try to check some guides how to setup it. The most important is your seed. They are words that you cannot loose or store in electronic form. Just write it on paper and safely store it.

  4. Depends on your budget, after saving a certain amount of BTC in your exchange spot ballance, let’s say 0.001 BTC or 0.01 BTC you should transfer it dirrectly to your own wallet. It’s called “withdraw on external wallet”

  5. Repeat

Good Luck!