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Remember the core issue a blockchain solves

Prices have dropped, people got burned. We all understand their frustration. But what is more important - fundamental use case behind blockchain has stayed the same. It still solves a problem of **trust**. We see governments, financial systems, healthcare, travel and other institutions spiraling out of control in front of our eyes. Many of them will fail. And there will be need for trustless ways of payment, improved supply chains, fair and provable systems of governance, and many other ways to utilize blockchain. We need them now more than ever. It's impossible to mitigate current crisis. A lot of businesses go bankrupt, and there will be no safe havens. But cryptocurrencies still have the biggest chance of becoming a fair mean of transferring value. Last times we failed because there are few of us. But the strength of any network comes in numbers. Tell your friends to be somewhat prepared. And when it all crumble - be the person to lead others. Create communities, tell elder generation about Compound or other ways of saving money. Explain how to store their private keys. Take care of others - people are stronger together.
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