Refinance my car to buy more bitcoin

self.Bitcoin1m ago
My dad passed in 2020, left me a hefty life insurance, had a 2014 Toyota Avalon XLE (it’s pretty nice) with $15,000 left on payments with the bank and until it was paid off the title was in the banks name but once paid off it would be in my dads name, so when he died I paid off the $15,000 and they sent the title to my dads house in his name and I recently became administrator of the will and got it put in my name. Rather than deal with the monthly payments my dad was doing, I paid it off. Otherwise it was looking at being repo’d. Now that it is in my name I am looking to sell it back to the bank for $15,000 (about) , and invest the $15,000 into bitcoin. The title would then be in the banks name and I would then have monthly payments of $200-$400 until whenever the $15,000+interest is paid off. Is this a thing? Can I sell the title back to the bank for a lump sum loan that I can pay off Monthly? Then once it’s paid off I get the title in my name again?