Recent All-In Podcast discussing Crypto

self.Bitcoin2m ago
Just wanted to open a discussion about comments made on the All-In Podcast. For those unfamiliar, the podcast was started by four friends who are wealthy venture capitalists/entrepreneurs. The podcast was started during the pandemic and covers a range of topics from politics and culture to markets and science. Just four buddies giving their hot takes on recent events. The show has become quite popular. On a recent show they discussed the recent implosion of defi. How unregulated crypto is, are these securities? Blah blah blah The reason I'm making this post is that there was one person on that show that gave an opinion that made me put on my tinfoil hat. David Friedberg invests in breakthrough technologies. I've really appreciated his opinion and I like how he plays devil's advocate on the show. He looks at things through multiple perspectives. When the topic of defi, 3AC, Celsius came up, it eventually transitioned to Bitcoin and Friedberg said (paraphrasing here): "I keep hearing how this is a currency but y'know how we are measuring the success of Bitcoin in dollars. This is just speculation" I was surprised by this simplistic take from Friedberg. It was not like him at all to give such a dismissive opinion. When he disagrees with something, he usually has a good point as to why he disagrees. This guy said we would have food shortages and energy problems in February when Russia invaded Ukraine. This guy said in 2021 the global market would correct in 2022 and there would be a power struggle from Russia. **David Friedberg is no dummy** When you dig deeper according to Friedberg his intentions are to fund things that are good for the earth but also economically viable. "I believe sustainability in the 21st century does not arise from convincing consumers to consume less, I think sustainability arises from building technology based solutions that allow consumers to consume more." So given that we know that Bitcoin can actually subsidize green energy and permissionless transactions. It makes me wonder. Why wouldn't Friedberg endorse this technology? Why does he sound like a boomer who got his opinion from a Fox news sound bite? Either Friedberg has totally glossed over the significance of Bitcoin. Which given his character seems very unlikely. Or he is giving a disingenuous opinion. I wonder how many people watched that podcast and said "well maybe it's time to sell my Bitcoin these guys are some of the smartest investors" **Something doesn't jive**