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Received free Sats from Cashapp. Time to give it away on Lightning.

(Edit: going to sleep. Will send more Sats in the morning. Just leave your Ln address from Wallet of Satoshi and if someone else doesn’t get to it I will.) I will help you onto lightning by giving away bitcoin. Seriously. (I stole this idea and post from someone else) Lightning Network gets a lot of fud even here in this sub. I suspect a lot of you guys haven’t yet actually tried it. It really is a lot easier than i think most people expect, and here is me trying to prove it. HERE’S the plan: -Go download Wallet of satoshi. This is a really really easy lightning Wallet. It IS custodial, but ignore that for now -post your adress/qr here. I will send you 300 sats as soon as I can. I will answer you when i do, and if I don’t get to tired I’ll post how many Sats it cost to send. IF someone else wants to join me, just send sats, and answer the post in the same way. -when you recieve the sats, congratz! You have bitcoin in the lightning Network. Find a friend, pay it forward. -Should you choose to explore this further, go download breez Wallet. You now have a non-custodial Wallet, and you can create an invoice (recieve via invoice) for yourself and pay from Wallet of satoshi and my sats. No risk, its someone elses money. You have now made your first transaction and are probably starting to Get it. -With the sats well placed in breez, go to the apps-section from the top left corner. Pick the lightning roulette app, fund with 20(!) sats (press «open in Wallet»), and gamble HALF of your deposit. Then go to the menu and press «withdraw using webln», and watch your remaining sats return to your breez balance. How cool is that? -now: IF you want to experiment with moving YOUR coin onto breez, you have to make an on-chain transaction(recieve via btc adress) but breez assumes that you want any bitcoin on the lightning Network, and any recieved coin wil be on lightning. There are fees. (Edit: going to sleep. Will send more Sats in the morning. Just leave your Ln addres...
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I am extremely proud and excited to announce that the Lightning Network (❤️⚡️) can actually handle payments of substantial size if the correct paths and amounts are chosen. Received (and send back) 0.3679 BTC yesterday on Mainnet with optimal MPP splits with a total of 345 different paths! ❤️⚡️

Guess who received (& send back) 2 LARGE (!) mainnet #Bitcoin payments from @stefanwouldgo over the #LightningNetwork!1st payment: 0.3679 BTC (345 parts minSplitSize: 10k sats)2nd payment: 0.286...
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How Bitcoin's Lightning Network Works

How the lightning 2nd layer enables fast and cheap Bitcoin transactions, including demos, payment channels, multi-hop payments, and challenges.Want to easily...