Real Life Use Case of Bitcoin


I live in the United States, and my partner has family and friends that live in Hungary.

Her friend came across an amazing opportunity to buy a new condo (more space for them) for half the price it normally is. In US dollars, normally it's ~$60k but there was a great opportunity to buy at $30k.

Her friend currently owns a condo worth about $30k, and they would sell it to buy this new condo. The problem is that they don't have time to sell their current condo for $30k before buying the new condo, so they don't have the liquidity to buy the better condo.

My partner's friend then asks us for some temporary cash so they can buy the new condo, and then pay us back after they sell their current condo.

Now, they need to buy the new condo by Monday, and it would take ~ 5 business days to process everything on their end with a wire transfer, not to mention that in the evening last night when we got the news, the wire transfer couldn't even be initiated until the following morning.

We set up a wire transfer to help them, but it will be cutting it very close. I proposed using Bitcoin but they aren't very familiar with Bitcoin to be able to use it effectively at the moment. If Bitcoin had been more available to them this entire problem would have been easily avoided and they wouldn't have had to stress about getting that temporary liquidity in time to buy the new condo.

Seeing this use case in real life really helps me understand the utility that Bitcoin can provide.