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Just as the title suggests. This is the race the 10k. Can BTC rise against the DOWJ fall? If so, who will reach 10k first and when? Remember, the inception of Bitcoin stemmed from the 2008 financial crisis. It’s birth led to a beautiful world with promise of decentralized future. This is the first chance to see an established Bitcoin decide its future against the system it was built to defeat for these exact reasons. If I had to make a bet as to whether BTC would rise against the crashing economy, then I would say yes. It was built for this exact purpose. Now may be the time to see $100k Let me know what you guys think please. I think this is a very interesting topic and want to hear your opinions. I think they will approach 10k at the same time and BTC will power through and surpass DOWJ once and for all. Not sure if DOWJ will hit 10k but it is most definitely a real possibility. Comment which one you think is more likely to reach 10k first and why. Upvote for BTC!
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The $ 7,000 threshold was very important to confirm the short-term uptrend and recovery of BTC after a strong dumpe in March.