Question about transferring Bitcoin to paper wallet.

self.Bitcoin1m ago
This is my time to ever made a new thread. I did my best to lurk for a while, read frequently asked questions, find tutorials online, etc... So, please note I really did due diligence to follow all rules and stuff. I have read that people here (and elsewhere) tend to say if you do not have your own private keys then it is not really your bitcoin. I have a little bit of bitcoin sitting in a place like Coinbase so I obviously do not have the private keys and I want to fix that. What I want to do is avoid anything like software or a smart phone app, I want an old school paper wallet (to my understanding I just need a bitcoin wallet address and a private key) and then I can send my bitcoin there and as long as I don't lose these pieces of information the bitcoin is truly mine and mine alone. I've tried looking online for tutorials and I found one or two, but they seemed a little incomplete. I just don't want to screw this up. Also, I won't let this knowledge go to waste. If you can educate me I will help educate others in real life who want to do as similar thing. Thank you for your time.