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PSA: Watch out for girls from Tinder who like fashion, hiking, investing and other random things.

Girls (mostly from Hong Kong) will play the very long game of leading you to believe they have an inside tip about a new crypto. They will talk to you for over a month possibly before they bring it up. It sounds like an obvious scam when I summarize it, but they are successful. Since September two people alone have admitted in reviews to losing $60k combined with many others losing a few $K. I almost fell for it but searched reviews of the exchange they tried to get me to use, first. TLDR; Don't trust girls from tinder who say they like to invest. Especially pretty profiles from China.
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Now more than ever, It’s Time for Plan ₿

Our tax dollars have bought us a system that has repeatedly #failed everyone: citizens are not protected and businesses are allowed to #burn. It should be #defunded. It is time for a #decentralized so...
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how to buy btc in 2020

So finally you want to buy bitcoin and enter into the world of cryptocurrency. This article is going to teach you How to buy bitcoin in 2020