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PSA: Reminder that Github is not the only Bitcoin Source Repo

Github (@Microsoft) is a great site, and they have, for the most part, been pretty laissez-faire about repos that the "powers that be" might object to. But any skeptical mind should always "what if" anything as important as the Bitcoin-Core codebase. Assuming you've done all the basic stuff like build-from-source and run your own node, now might be a good time to add some mirrors to your list of git remotes. The best mirror I can think of is probably the [onion mirror]( maintained by `@laanwj` (github). If there are some others that are replicated regularly, please help me collect the list. If we "start from scratch" I'll add the github-git as the default remote named "origin" and add the onion-git as the remote named "onion". Of course you can change the names if they are too close for your liking. ### Initially clone the repo from github (github-git -> "origin") ``` # This will create "origin" and checkout "master" git clone cd bitcoin ``` ### Add the Onion-Git as one of our remotes ``` o_host=nxshomzlgqmwfwhcnyvbznyrybh3gotlfgis7wkv7iur2yj2rarlhiad.onion git remote add onion http://$o_host/git/bitcoin.git git config --local --add remote.onion.proxy "socks5h://" ``` ### Create a branch "onion-master" that tracks our new remote ``` git fetch onion git checkout -b onion-master onion/master ``` ### Go back to "origin/master" and compare ``` git checkout master git branch -vv # Should see origin/master and onion/master at the same commit ``` Now if Github does any shenanigans with the repo, you can pull from the onion repo. It should be noted that the onion repo is read-only, but I'm sure if anything goes wierd there will be about a half dozen new repos pop up. But at least this one is an authoritative source. Onion URL References: * Git Announce:
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