Proof of Keys Day (lntipbot)


Annual January 3rd Proof of Keys Celebration of the Genesis Block
Proof of keys day was originally created out of (well placed) distrust of exchanges. Given this crowd has no coins on exchanges and already self-custodys how can you celebrate this tradition?

Today, I have an idea for how to celebrate proof of keys day as someone who already self-custodys everything. lntipbot. Its a small amount of sats, but if you don't know how to withdraw from the bot, today is a good day to practice.

The wiki for the lntipbot is located here: index - lntipbot (

It says you have to send commands via DMs to the bot, but not normal DMs it seems. Specifically, with this link:

In the message body (not the subject) you have to use the command:

As an example: !withdraw lnbc1u1pw56zdypp5xj2cudlluuya6pvrqqmyg7n7plp5ha8298e6jkkkevzglkkph8cqdqqcqzpgqk0c8y3654qnulpt3ugn80echqaqt87h9hfv2fsxlt82s8uf0agxd9lfh9anp5cl2mwvp45jtry8gwt4j0d5x03y4v9vkex3mu3dqqsq3269du

But how do I get an invoice? Well, I'm going to tell you how with my favorite LN wallet (your wallet may be different)
In Pheonix wallet:
>Right most button under the QR code. Looks like a notpad with a pen on it
>Create invoice (Edit the invoice if you don't want to withdraw everything from the lntipbot
>Left most button under QR code to copy


Then you can deposit after proof of keys day!

For me, this amount of sats is very small and I would not bat an eye if it was lost completely. I do this not out of paranoia, but out of celebration of the holiday on the 3rd of January

Happy genesis block, proof of keys day, Bitcoin day etc everyone.