Praia Bitcoin Brazil 2023 - Brazil's First Bitcoin Circular Economy

                             Why create a Bitcoin Economy in Jericoacoara? 

From the early days, Bitcoin has promised to allow us to bankroll the unbanked and return the power of governments and financial institutions to the individual. However, until recently, this promise has remained elusive, but is happening now.

Jericoacoara is a Small village inside a National Park, 300 km from Fortaleza, on the west coast of Ceará, northeast of Brazil.

Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, we do not have a single ATM, and most natives are excluded from the traditional financial system.

We were forgotten by the banks, but now we have Bitcoin.

How did the experiment get started?

Since September 7th 2021, when Bitcoin become a legal tender in El Salvador, Praia Bitcoin Brazil has been encouraging the locals to understand the characteristics of the FIAT money to conclude that Bitcoin is a monetary system safer, faster and more reliable. It certainly is a collective effort that must be made by society, since our leaders aren't interested in returning power to people and remove state control over the currency.

Inspired by El Zonte's Bitcoin Beach experiment and following the ideas of the Bitcoin Beach Whitepaper, we're promoting several educational and business activities that lead to the mass adoption of Bitcoin as a mean of exchange.

Using an initial donation of 0.02 BTC of our founder, Praia Bitcoin started by helping local workers, artisans, fishermen, and street artists to create Lightning and OnChain wallets and 10 local businesses to accept Bitcoin as payment, providing training and promotional material.

Throughout 2022, we received 1.23 BTC in donations from Bitcoin Beach, Galoy Money, the Channel Palavra of Satoshi and more than 400 anonymous donors. We spent it to implement the infrastructure of the first public Lightning service provider in Brazil, as well as to develop many open-source tools shared in our GitHub repository.

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First Bitcoin Circular Economy in Brazil

<p>Founded by musician Fernando Motolese 
    Praia Bitcoin Brazil is an initiative that supports Bitcoin-only activities in real-world economy, aiming to integrate the four pillars of the Bitcoin circular economy: education, spirituality, recreation, and technology. </p>
<p>We're experiencing an unprecedented and fantastic story, which has many volunteers from different parts of the world. A project that is pure proof of work, with long-term and lofty goals that will leave a mark in the history of Bitcoin adoption, helping not only our locals, but also other communities around the world.</p>

AWARDED AS THE BIGGEST SOCIAL IMPACT PROJECT We were awarded with B4H Awards 2022 offered by Blockchain For Humanity Foundation at 2022 LaBitConf as the project with the greatest social impact in the world. We've also reached more than 5500 followers on Twitter and more than 1600 followers on Instagram.

We helped more than 300 students from Jericoacoara Public School access their first BTC fractions using the Praia Bitcoin Paper Wallet and transact daily in Bitcoin via Lightning Network, with NFC NTAG424 DNA Debit Cards. Through the Piggy Banks Bailout redemption program, we help students reduce their time preference and understand the difference between Lightning and OnChain wallets by buying Bitcoin.

PRACTICAL EDUCATION WITH CUTTING-EDGE TECHNOLOGY Thanks to a partnership with G&E Frutas, which grants us discounts on daily purchases paid in Bitcoin, approximately 100 fruits for 10 sats each have been offered daily to the Students of the Jericoacoara's Public School since the beginning of November/2022. All sales were paid via Lightning through the Bitcoin Bolt Card - Genesis Block Edition, distributed free of charge to students and employees, loaded with 2000 SATs each one. 

WE CREATED THE PoS MACHINE TO RECEIVE BITCOIN PAYMENTS With the support of Palavra de Satoshi, we developed an Android device with a thermal printer attached, plus many applications installed and customizations, to ensure visitors and local users easily make payments in Bitcoin with NFC cards. In addition, some merchants have also joined the Azteco solution for selling Bitcoin vouchers, OnChain or via Lightning Network.

    We collaborate extensively with other bitcoin circular economies such as Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador, Bitcoin Lake in Guatemala, Bitcoin Jungle in Costa Rica and Bitcoin Ekasi in South Africa. Through the exchange of technology and learning, we are intertwined in the mission of bringing Bitcoin to the masses.  </p>

    We donated 1 PoS machine and 70 NFC cards for the South African Kids of the project Bitcoin Ekasi. We'll implement a lightning node in Voltage Cloud with BTCPayServer and LNBits to operate the Bitcoin Bolt Card (debit cards) configured through Bulk Bolt Card Script.</p>

What is next?

<p>Fernando Motolese, founder of Praia Bitcoin and Vinicius Kinczel, founder of Palavra de Satoshi channel teamed up to develop this project and to make Jericoacoara the Bitcoin capital of Brazil, and – who knows – of the world.</p>
<p>To make this possible, we are implementing the Non-Bank Agency – Jeri, located within the
    Community Council of Jericoacoara, to run Bitcoin full nodes that will provide local lightning infrastructure and basic services to merchants and local users.  

     Goals Depending on Community Support 

    <p>Donations of Bitcoin fractions are needed to accelerate the development of Brazil's first Bitcoin circular economy. Below, we list some initiatives foreseen in our planning:</p>

    Continue offering fruits for 10 sats to students and staff of the Jericoacoara Public School
    Promote the first Praia Bitcoin conference in Jericoacoara, from February 19 to 21, 2023: Buy your ticket here 
    Produce promotional material and offer workshops on the use of Bitcoin to tourists, residents, and local merchants
    Implement Bitcoin as payment method (OnChain, lightning and NFC) in 100 merchants, including bakery, supermarket, pharmacy, tourist agency, clothing, crafts, and street vendors
    Help El Zonte's Bitcoin Beach to acquire and set up 100 PoS Machines to receive Bitcoin payments
    Conclude the implementation of the Project "Who Plants, Reaps" of the Community Garden of the Municipal School of Jericoacoara  [1]

Replicate BitcoinSmiles Buy and Install Blockstream Satellite Kit Buy and install Sollar Energy Grid Create and maintain the Praia Bitcoin Channel Youtube Channel Publish the book "Bitcoin Circular Economies" written by Fernando Motolese, telling the story and resources used in Jericoacoara

 TASK LIST – Q4/2022 
<p>[OK] Sign the Founder's Agreement  
    [OK] To rent an office from the Council of Jericoacoara  
    [OK] Create the art of Bitcoin Bolt Card - Genesis Block Edition  
    [OK] Buy 2000 NFC cards from China, double-sided printing  
    [OK] Buy Nodl Dojo, Nobreak, and Outdoor Rack for LnBits installation  
    [OK] Renovate room 3 of the Jericoacoara Community Council  
    [OK] Distribute cards to students and teachers at the municipal school in Jericoacoara  
    [FAIL] Implement and maintain the Telegram ChatBot  
    [FAIL] Installation of Nodl Dojo and new internet  
    [OK] Project Presentation at Adopt Bitcoin 2022 (El Salvador)  
    [OK] PoS Machine Donation for Bitcoin Beach and 20 NFC Cards  
    [OK] PoS Machine Donation for Bitcoin Ekazi and 70 NFC Cards  
    [OK] Distribution of 300 NFC cards and printing of the LNBits wallet access kit  
    [OK] Install Bitcoin PoS V1 in 7 local merchants  [OK] Buy +10 PoS machines and pay the taxes to import it to Brazil  [OK] Promote the adoption of NFC technology on Adopting Bitcoin Conference 2022  [FAIL] Receive donations at Adopting Bitcoin 2022  [OK] Purchase 2 Laser Eyes cards  [OK] Prepare the system and help the acquisition of 100 PoS machines for El Zonte  [OK ] Create Concept Agency website, offering tour packages and installation services  
    [DOING] Launch the Concept Agency in Jericoacoara  [DOING] Implement more 13 PoS Machines  
    [SCHEDULED] Develop a succession and disaster plan  
    [SCHEDULED] Continue offering fruit for 10 sats at the Municipal School</p>

Local Team

Fernando Motolese - Musician, Developer, and Founder of Praia Bitcoin Brazil Vinicius Kinczel - Founder of the Corporate Layer and of the Channel Palavra de Satoshi Elvis Wendt - Handmade product manufacturer Jaline Sampaio - Community Ombudsman  Lucia Helena (Nena) - Social Assistant Leader

Remote Volunteers  Praia Bitcoin on the Press

<p>If you own a Bitcoin company donating 5 million SATS or more and wish to have your logo listed in the Supporters Section, please contact [email protected] and send proof or transaction ID and your logo (.png format, 500x500 px)</p>