Powell, The Fed's Chairman Is Hawkish On Inflation While Bitcoin Falls

1M Ago

In a speech at the annual economic policy conference in Jackson Hole, the Fed chair stated that a single month’s improvement is insufficient to reduce inflation to 2%, and that “failure to restore price stability would inflict considerably greater hardship.”

Powell stated during his speech, “Price stability is the bedrock of the economy — without price stability, the economy does not work for anyone.”

Since June 16, Neutrino $USDN has maintained its peg; however, a modification to the protocol caused it to lose it for the first time. A few hours after the peg dropped from $0.98 to $0.96, the upgrade was officially confirmed.

The governance vote on Update #8 approved the improvements to “implement new swap mechanics, so that Max Swap Amount of USDN>WAVES swaps will depend on the current BR value,” which were included in four of the proposals.

Binance reacted to reports that it has frozen and erased the account of Baking Bad, a Tezos (XTZ) tool contributor, “without any reasons.”

The crypto exchange giant stated that the freeze was prompted by a law enforcement order and that Baking Bad is aware of the issue as it has been alerted many times.

Eddy Travia, CEO of Coinsillium, is unconcerned about the impact of CBDCs because he believes they do not provide customers with an advantage over existing private crypto choices.

According to Travia, the demand for CBDCs answers the requirement to evolve and future-proof money while providing a high level of control, which private cryptocurrencies do not do.

“They are looking at CBDCs because, again, CBDCs are something they can control, and they feel they can impose certain rules.”

Nicholas Gregory, a software engineer and privacy advocate, Samuel Wan about Bitcoin privacy and advancements at the privacy-focused Mercury Wallet.

Gregory noted that the way it operates violates the notion of “not your keys, not your coins,” which he finds incredibly amusing.

“Mercury Wallet is an alternative scaling solution. What I like about it from an entertainment point of view is it breaks one of the foundations of Bitcoin – not your keys, not your coins. Well Mercury allows you to pass around private keys.”

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