Please help. Trying to verify signatures for recent bitcoin core download on linux


I'm a noob learning how to run a node. I installed v24.0.1 and it's running fine on my raspberry pi (Raspian OS, not Umbrel), but I want to verify my download.

I followed "Easy Way 2" from here: and got the "ok" but "ideally you should also use OpenPGP software such as gpg to verify that the hashes were signed by someone you trust."

So I've installed gpg, but when I attempted to import the necessary PGP Public Keys (from here: I ran into some trouble. The post says "you can usually just paste the whole thing into a command prompt," but when I do that two unexpected things happen:

  1. the very long block of text it says to copy and paste, seems to exceed some limit in my terminal window. Strangely it appears to only copy some of the lines and then adds several characters (maybe 20 or so) after what was supposed to be the end of what I copied (i.e., -----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- )

  2. when I try to run the command I get a series of error messages for each line of the key block. Like this:

gpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.

gpg: Total number processed: 0

bash: -----BEGIN: command not found

bash: mQENBE5UtMEBCADOUz2i9l/D8xYINCmfUDnxi+DXvX5LmZ39ZdvsoE+ugO0SRRGd: No such file or directory

bash: IHEFO2is0xezX50wXu9aneb+tEqM0BuiLo6VxaXpxrkxHpr6c4jf37SkE/H0qsi/: No such file or directory

bash: txEUp7337y3+4HMGlUjiuh802I72p1qusjsKBnmnnR0rwNouTcoDmGUDh7jpKCtz: command not found

bash: Fv+2TR2dRthJn7vmmjq3+bG6PYfqoFY1yHrAGT1lrDBULZsQ/NBLI2+J4oo2LYv3: No such file or directory

I've spent a few hours at this point trying things and looking up videos or other resources and am having no luck. Thanks in advance for any help. Also, if there's a better sub for posting this please let me know and I'll happily remove this from here and post there.