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People fraudulently charged money from their debit accounts by Spotify until in overdraft. I immediately thought: "Wow, no one's money is safe. But wait, Bitcoin fixes this."

Danielle Parent has never had a Spotify account, but on the weekend noticed four unauthorized withdrawals of $119.88 each for the music streaming service.

Parent, a graphic designer based in Toronto, is one of a number of Canadians who say they had money removed from their chequing accounts for the service to which they do not subscribe.

In total, Spotify charged Parent $479.52. It put her in overdraft and left her with no cash for groceries over the weekend. 

"I kind of expect fraudulent charges to maybe happen on a credit card, but to have a direct charge on a chequing account was very shocking," she said.

Parent reported her concerns to her bank, TD, and the representative flagged the activity as fraudulent. She said she picked up a new debit card, and was told the bank was investigating and aware of similar problems involving other clients.

"If someone had access to my chequing account, wouldn't they drain my money, wouldn't they be making other purchases? Why just Spotify?" 

Not clear how many people are affected

In a statement to CBC News, a TD spokesperson said the company is looking into the issue with Spotify and Visa debit, and is working with its customers to reverse unauthorized charges.

The bank would not disclose how many customers are affected. It's unclear if customers from other banks are also having the same experiences.

CBC contacted Spotify three times since Monday, but did not hear back until Thursday evening.

Parent says she checks her bank account frequently, but is concerned for people who may not do the same. (CBC)

The charges "stemmed from an attack targeting debit cards in Canada," a spokesperson said via email, and were not associated with Spotify itself. 

The company said it is providing refunds and investigating. "Spotify takes fraudulent activity on our service extremely seriously," the statement said. 

Spotify did not say how many people h...

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