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People complaining that they should not have told their friends and family about Bitcoin because now they blame you for the price

At least every 2 weeks I see a post about someone complaining on why they regret telling people about Bitcoin and have suggested people close to them invest in Bitcoin. First, let me tell you that I have never had this problems before. Mom, childhood friends, friends I met a few years ago, siblings, none of them have turned crypto against me because of bad news or because the price is dropping. Regardless of how red they are. The only ***2*** possible scenarios that I can imagine where this can happen are: *1)* **You are the cause of your own problems**. You are not explaining what all the crypto world is about. Perhaps you are selling it as a terrible scheme saying that crypto can only go up. Explain the technical details and financial details, and be clear about the risks saying something like: "you could be buying at ATH and don't know it is at all time high! The price could start crashing the next day. Which means you would have to wait at least 3 years for the Bitcoin price to surpass that price again. But, as long as you don't sell, you don't lose!" In addition, explain to whoever is buying that they WILL have to invest time to learn how to set up a wallet. They do not have be tech savvy. *2)* **Your family and/or friends suck**. This is less likely to be the case and honestly I do not believe it is the case. However, even if it were to be the case, do what I typed above in scenario 1 so the people you are telling about investing in Bitcoin are warned about the risks. ​ To conclude, not talking about Bitcoin is not the approach you should take. We must introduce people to Bitcoin the right way, explaining what all is about. Freedom, decentralization, transparency, getting the money back from banks to the people. I often read comments in those posts of people complaining that all we have to do is not to talk about Bitcoin and cryptos in general. This is wrong! We need adoption, telling people we know about Bitcoin contributes to expand the use o...
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