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Lidbot states 40+ clients waiting for sensor completion and further PoC’s with American Airlines, Festo AG and Alba Suez

Lidbot is a fill-level sensor that alerts teams when waste and recycling bins are full. Lidbot also collects critical smart data on our waste and recycling. Lidbot aims to help both businesses and cities properly track their waste and recycling systems through the accumulation of smart sensor data. Lidbot also uses IOTA's DLT "The Tangle" to give waste/recycling data a new home. A home that is secure and immutable. Follow us on Twitter - for more info - www.lidbot.comDonate here ;IOTA : 9KRRWLQQWVNKSD9KFTQIKACHRRMBUMOOSAWFTKBRMLZFJHTLGGSCDMHFDOLKWHATHOJXTYHRCCAZSJAEWPEIF9FSHABTC : 1GKP9ujDDFCj3C2wVQeGYRaQ3QCbbQQbDW

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Tom Lee: Trump to take Bitcoin past $40k

So will people in crypto be winning? According to Mr. the tune of $20,000  to $40,000 by the end of 2019. He argues that all this press about BTC...both good and bad...will generate FOM...