Parents Scammed BTC through Bitcoin of America ATM


Hi there - after searching for hours online, I am at a lost of how to track down if a paper wallet was transferred or still on the account (using Exodus).

TLDR - Parents put cash into ATM (i.e., went to bank, withdrew money, deposited it into the ATM, ATM printed the paper wallet), printed paper wallet, sent pic (public key and private key) to scammer. Can I either stop, trace, or transfer before the scammer?

I am using blockchair, blockcypher, and blockchain to view any transactions for the address. It says the public address has 0 BTC but the private address has 0.5 BTC. I looked at the transaction hash, and it looks like the BTC is still there?

I am trying to use exodus to scan the private key QR code but it keeps coming up with "Unable to add BTC - No BTC to move from the address associated with the private key."

Already had them report it to the FTC and contact the bank tomorrow to see if they can do anything, but any help (literally any) would be greatly appreciated. It is a considerable amount of money from their retirement.


More details: The scammer texted parents QR code that turns out is a BTC address (also with 0 transactions).

Downloaded Electrum and checking address: Type = Receiving, Address = Public Address (19.......), Label = Blank, Balance = 0., TX = 0. However, the Public address on the receipt is not the same as the Wallet address (Address 12SKnvw52NjWrSfNy95smARfqBEU9Fc2d2)



Total Received 0.5 BTC

Total Spent 0.00 BTC

Balance 0.5 BTC

1 of 1 transaction (hash) 2023-02-21 18:53


Blockchain Explorer

Summary: This address has transacted 1 times on the Bitcoin blockchain. It has received a total of 0.5 BTC and has sent a total of 0.00000000 BTC $0.00 The current value of this address is 0.5 BTC.

Total Received: 0.5 BTC

Total Sent: 0.00 BTC

Total Volume: 0.5 BTC

Transactions: 1