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My Bitcoin API is now open source - feedback welcome

bitcoin-api-full-stack Complete Code Base for Bitcoin-Api Introduction:

This code repository, Bitcoin-Api-Full-Stack, is a JavaScript/NodeJS full stack Bitcoin API (see below for info about what APIs are), exchange, and casino (the exchange and the casino are still under construction). The term "full stack" in the title means that all the instructions and all the components are in this repository so you can build your own Bitcoin-Api system from scratch and you can build every aspect of it from computer server to phone webapp. This system let's people have their own versions of APIs, exchanges, and casinos instead of just having to use other companies', if they are okay with holding custody of their own Bitcoin. It's also designed in way so that even an individual can have control over these financial technologies instead of having to need a big team or a company.

About APIs and Bitcoin APIs

APIs allow developers to build technology that connects across the internet in a systematic way using URLs and internet requests from computers to those URLs. An example of this is sending a Tweet on Twitter from your phone, which is the computer in this case. Your phone makes an internet request to the Twitter API URL which is then responsible for creating Tweets.

What this Bitcoin API allows you to do is to easily send and receive Bitcoin using simple URLs. This lets developers program Bitcoin functionality into whatever technology they want, such as exchanges, wallet apps, IoT devices, or anything connected to the internet.

In this Bitcoin-Api system, the Bitcoin itself is stored on a Bitcoin node (Bitcoin node set up instructions provided) and the API connects to the Bitcoin node. Overall, your apps and your tech connect to the API and then the API connects to the Bitcoin node which is on your computer server.

The Bitcoin node and the API are considered to be the "backend" of the "stack" in the "full stack" concept. When impl...

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Bitcoin Grows As Big As Bank Of America

Bitcoin had already grown as good as Coca-Cola and Intex in the recent past and now it is turning out to be as big as the Bank of America.
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Video of Sending 饾煯,饾煬饾煬饾煬,饾煬饾煬饾煬 饾棪饾棶饾榿饾榾 ($饾煯饾煰饾煴) instantly across 饾煰 饾棻饾椂饾棾饾棾饾棽饾椏饾棽饾椈饾榿 Lightning wallets - Danny Scott on Twitter

More #Bitcoin #Lightning fun...Sending 饾煯,饾煬饾煬饾煬,饾煬饾煬饾煬 饾棪饾棶饾榿饾榾 ($饾煯饾煰饾煴) instantly across 饾煰 饾棻饾椂饾棾饾棾饾棽饾椏饾棽饾椈饾榿 Lightning wallets.鈥 Danny Scott (@CoinCornerDanny) August 6...
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Bitcoin is proving 'smart money' wrong again

Since it was created, Bitcoin鈥檚 aim has always been to prove traditional finance wrong. Now, it seems like this aim is being fulfilled. With every passing day, Bitcoin鈥檚 price is either holding firm, ...