One cannot take Saifedean Ammous seriously

1M Ago
Whilst his work may be good in describing the mechanics of bitcoin, I am very reluctant to take anything that he says in "The Fiat Standard" seriously. That extends to economic and political commentaries on bitcoin itself, too. This is a shame, as he could very well be making strong points. Here are a few things he has said: **"A big reason why the Bank of England were able to go off gold, was because the Rothschild banking family supported them. In exchange, the Rotschilds got Palestine".** I really do not want to get into politics, but the idea that Rotschilds control the banks is a racist conspiracy theory. He has also said that ["Einstein is a marketing scam for simpletons](" and that relativity contributed nothing useful to the world". Additionally, he claims that "Einstein hasn't contributed anything useful to humanity". He has called **Einstein "**[a sick, demented abusive con artist](**".** What do you notice in common about Einstein and the Rotschilds? His utter denial of climate change, deeming it as a hoax, is also concerning. I would love to be wrong, as I have found his work useful in understanding the mechanics of Bitcoin. But looking at other stuff he says ... he seems like an anarchist conspiracy theorist, and possibly an anti-Semite.