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One bitcoin address bought 3000 BTC today bringing their total to 115200 BTC which means we are on our way up according to great analysis by one random user

Forget about TA/QA and other analyses, this guy wrote 9 days ago how you can know in which direction we're heading [\_one\_of\_the\_biggest\_btc\_holders\_sold\_today\_now/]( We're going to 40k-50k moonbois cause [this address]( just bought 3000 bitcoin today. Get ready for lift-off this week. Quote from the link above: " If you go deep into their purchase and sell history, they regularly sell when there's a pump and regularly buy when there's a dump. Only once have they been "hurt" by the decision to sell (that was in Jan and Feb '21 when BTC was going wild breaking through 30k and 40k in 10 days). Apart from that, they predict dumps and weekly ATHs spot on. sells in increments of 1500 BTC (3k or 6k if he predicts a larger dump). "
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