on bitcoins incentive structure...


probably the best thing about bitcoin (i know i know thats coming in hot) is that it fixes the broken fiat incentive structure. some years ago i was reading some literature about buddhism and one thing that impressed me was a bit about incentive structures. according to buddhism, people will act in their own self interest most, if not all, of the time. but what does that mean 'to act in your own best interest'? for someone who is dying of thirst, they will be looking to get some water. for someone who has nothing to eat and is cold they are going to be incentivized to get nourishment and clothing and shelter, and on and on. but what buddhism teaches is that once a person is somewhat enlightened and they have their immediate needs met, if this individual is on the right track to 'enlightenment' (whatever that means), then they will be incentivized to help their fellow man. this is because they get joy and satisfaction from helping others. right? who doesn't like to help someone out who needs help, it makes you feel good as well as helping that person. emphasis on having that good feeling when helping others, as i read it you are on the way to enlightenment if you have trained yourself to feel good when helping other people in need. that individuals incentive structures are lined up meaning that helping people gives them joy as well as helping to improve the community they belong to. helping others brings that person joy and in a sense is a selfish act, because they will be getting a sweet dopemine high through helping another person. now a cynical person may say that this individual is not doing anything good since their so-called kind acts are really a way to get a fix of sweet sweet dopamine, but i disagree. if i like to fish no one is going to call me selfish for spending my time and money going fishing. so if i like to give out sats on the internet, who's to say that makes me selfish?

with fiat, our incentives are to enrich ourselves at all costs. because you just never know how much is enough. you have a million dollars and can retire? Wrong! didnt you get the memo? a million dollars aint shit no more, back to work for you! go get your flare on and write up some TPS reports post haste! all that money you have? better spend it on consumerist bullshit because if you dont you are losing money through inflation. And that is on the individual level dont even get me started on the political level. in politics, acting fiscally responsible is a death sentence. so we have the most powerful people being the least fiscally responsible and it's no surprise the guns come real real fuckin fast. and the pooerst amoung us pay the costs for the rich and powerfuls fucking problems. fiats incentive structure is fucked up.

in bitcoin, the more that others thrive the more the rest of us thrive. for us bitcoiners adoption should be the paramount thing. if you have all the bitcoins in the world then their not worth a pot to piss in because nobody else has any. if you are a wholecoiner and bitcoin becomes the world reserve currency you have more than you will ever need. dragons hoarding treasure is the fiat model (or maybe the gold bug model peter shiff if your reading this). matter of fact, dragons hoarding treasure is almost antithetical to what we need to be doing. money need to be spent helping others thereby helping the network, and it aligns with the buddists idea about how being enlightened means being incentivized to help others on a deeply personal level. bitcoins incentive structure is far superior.

in summary, i give away bitcoin on the internet not because im some bleeding heart, liberal guilt, soy boy, its because i believe it benefits me directly to do so, i enjoy it, i think its important, and i do it because i believe its going to make me rich as fuck (and the rest of you motherfuckers too), deal with it.

also, maybe someone who knows about buddhism can let me know if i got that concept right. i may have been going through a heavy marijuana phase when i was reading that stuff.