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OKCoin Exchange Awards Grant to One of Bitcoin Core's Most Active Developers -

Announced Thursday, exchange OKCoin is awarding its largest individual grant so far to Bitcoin Core maintainer Marco Falke, the second-most prolific contributor to Bitcoin Core in the software’s history. 

OKCoin is awarding Falke an Independent Developer Grant, which is the “equivalent of a developer salary for the year,” though Falke requested that the exact amount not be disclosed for the sake of his financial privacy.

With his grant, Falke will continue his work as maintainer of Bitcoin Core, the key software underpinning Bitcoin, which he’s been heads-down on since 2016. His work helps to ensure that changes to Bitcoin Core are merged, helps to organize developers that are spread out over the globe, and runs tests to ensure the code is working properly, among other tasks.

When asked about his personal accomplishments, Falke emphasized that Bitcoin Core is a team effort, with developers from around the world making it what it is. “I am proud to see what Bitcoin Core is today and how everyone’s contributions shaped Bitcoin Core for the future,” Falke told CoinDesk.

'Maintenance' work

Falke is one of a handful of Bitcoin Core maintainers. Maintainers are sometimes described as the leaders of sorts of Bitcoin’s code. But, while maintainers are crucial to Bitcoin, the role isn’t as authoritative as has been painted.

“Some of my days are surprisingly unexciting maintenance work,” as Falke put it.

Testing ensures code works as intended. He spends a lot of time keeping tests of the code in line, ensuring that any issues they expose will be fixed. “On top of that, I am running my own nightly test runs, code coverage runs, benchmarks and fuzzers,” Falke said. 

In addition, he reviews proposed code changes and merges them into Bitcoin Core “when they have been sufficiently vetted.”

Helping to speed up this maintenance process is what he believes is his “most useful” contribution to Bitcoin Core. Continue on

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