Oh boy! Lost everything I own. please help

Oh boy! Lost everything I own. please help

Oh boy! Lost everything I own. please help

I've been in crypto since 2015. I'm not new and I look into Bip39 12 words + passphrase when it came out! I upgraded my cold storage wallet recently. I pulled out my Polaroid picture from my old safe with 12 words + Passphrase I took the day I upgraded to the Bip39 standard. Nothing is wrong with the picture! I've entered the phrase correctly! The picture is of my cold storage device before I accepted and finalized the input!

I go to do research and all I get is you mis typing it or I forgotten the passphrase! That's impossible because I have the photograph! I have my old account with all my funds clearly visible to see. it hasn't been hacked it's all there but with out my old device to sign off on I can't spend anything anymore...

I was told that you can infact change devices with this new system.

I think Bip39 is flawed at recovering the same account under the passphrase option!

I see many people that swears they made no mistakes having the same issues.

I'm starting to believe that Bip39 w/passphrase is not only flawed but may infact have issues at the coding level.

I ran Btcrecovery and exhausted all possible solutions. Nothing is getting my cold storage accounts back.

Can anyone give me an idea about what had happened? were there changes to the protocol I don't know about?

any idea of what could have gone wrong would be appreciated.

Thanks frustrated dude that lost huge believing in technology

:: update!!! thank you everyone that pm me for support and help!

Apparently Ellipal and other hardware wallets uses User Names, passwords, seeds, bip39 passphrase to generate the keys to a wallet! unfortunately I didn't know this! I didn't record all that info.

I now know better how keys are generated and it makes sense why so many have these similar issues.

Some nice person worked with me and showed me this. https://www.ellipal.com/blogs/news/understanding-how-wallet-works

Unfortunately I didn't record all this information and I understand why my keys aren't working with seeds and passphrase alone!

looks like I have to eat my 9,000 dollar loss on this one.