*OFFICIAL* Pre-Recorded u/Riotblockchain Reddit AMA Thread - July 1st Cutoff- Submit Questions Via Comments

self.Bitcoin12d ago
At Riot, our mission is to positively impact the sectors, networks, and communities that we touch. We believe that the combination of an innovative spirit and strong community partnership allows the Company to achieve best-in-class execution and create successful outcomes. We have recently adopted a new set of company values to commit to, one of them being transparency. Being a public company, there are many instances where we would love to reply to all of our retail investors. However, due to various legal and practical challenges, replying to every reasonable question that we are asked just hasn't been viable. Starting now, we would love to bolster our efforts in this regard and start answering more and more questions from the retail community. We value your continued support and want all shareholders to feel confident in their investment. Please submit any questions you have for Riot down below before the first of July. They can be about anything relevant! The proxy vote, our direction, and general questions about our business or bitcoin mining. Our target date for an initial response is currently July 8th! We need time to allow several members of our team to provide input on our responses. We intend to post a video response, potentially several depending on the number of questions posed, featuring Jason Les, CEO of Riot Blockchain. If scheduling conflicts occur, a text document answering selected questions will be posted instead. As with any AMA, Riot reserves the right to select from the pool of questions. Keep them reasonable and please remain cordial! We are excited to become a more active part of the retail Reddit community and hope to hear from everyone! https://preview.redd.it/fsvyq6y92g791.jpg?width=4080&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=c69f3d799c139d8a95e83255bfa8848bda280490