Node troubles


So I'm not sure where to post this. its not 100% a bitcoin problem but falls under the "running a node" category.

My setup was like this Debian11 on an OptiPlex > core-gui > Tor > fulcrum > mempool .space instance. It ran fine for a few months and I was stoked prolly the most stable node Ive built so far.

But today I noticed that Core GUI crashed. No big deal I restarted, only 3 days behind whatever. I noticed that Core was having issues finding peers so I disabled Tor and restarted. Still cant find peers. Check my NIC. Seemed to be a NIC issue. So I restarted the PC.

This is when the real issues started. When booting Debain I got an error saying failed to start MariaDB and another error saying "failed to start anonymization layer for TCP." (I'm guessing this is Tor still not 100% on this) and the rest of the GUI failed to start. The odd bit was I could SSH into the PC and when I checked my systemctl fulcrum was still running and I could bring up my mempool instance (but Nginx was not serving it correctly so I got a 403 on my LAN whatever)

So I guess my question is this. Do I nuke and pave? can this be recovered? Im leaning towards nuke and pave but if debain is going to shit out on me like this what OS should I use next? should I fully abandon GUI? I use Pop-OS as my daily driver and its amazing but I thought debain was supposed to be extremely stable hence me using it as a server. (I use debain a lot so this really confuses me)

I guess im just at a loss here and hoping reddit will bless me with some direction to go in. I can boot into recovery so ill save all my CONF files but boy howdy am i getting sick of rebuilding a node every few months. also thank the tech gods i was not running LN or this would be x10 worse.

thanks in advance