Newbie question


I am fairly new to the crypto world, trying to understand and wanting to tip my toes in this water.

But looking briefly into Bitcoin, ideally folks wants Bitcoin to be the new currency that’s not controlled by anyone other than its owner and wanting Bitcoin to be the main currency worldwide.

But it makes me wonder. Since it’s so volatile, at what point or/and value would Bitcoin need to be where it can match or almost match fiat?

And secondly, let’s say Bitcoin becomes the worlds main currency. (Big dream I imagine) would that be even possible? What I mean by that, there’s over 8 billion people in this world. And Bitcoin being at 21 million in total. Though even that isn’t right. Since there are lost bitcoins that will never be retrievable. And more Continues to be added when more people loses or forgets their seeds. Is it fee-sable for everyone to have Bitcoin? Especially by that point being too expensive?

And of course, would there be enough if over time, more bitcoins being lost forever being added to the pile?

Those are just my thoughts that came to mind. But I’d like to hear and learn more from y’all and what y’all think. Thanks in advance! (: