New year, new Bitcoin education project!


tl;dr: I'm buying at least 14 copies of "The Little Bitcoin Book" (some in english, some in german) to distribute among the selected "Bücherschränke" available in the Inner Ring from Munich :)

The project: Ever since I discovered Bitcoin (December 2020) I've been fascinated by the ideas it promotes and the benefits it could bring to all of us (not only monetary but also social and political benefits).

Because there's imo no better way to promote a new idea than education and also because I love books, I thought about buying some copies of The Little Bitcoin Book and just distribute them among the many book cabinets that contain books you can take for free (people in Munich will know what I'm talking about).

Book cabinets that will receive at least one copy of The Little Bitcoin Book

I chose The Little Bitcoin Book because imo is the most beginner-friendly book from the many available bitcoin books. The idea is just to plant an orange seed 🧡.

I would say you could go ahead and support the project but I don't want the post to be banned/deleted because of the "no begging" rule so I'll leave it at that 😅.

I will also make another post with photos of me leaving the bitcoin books in the many Buchschränke when I'm done (the plan is to distribute at least one book per week).

Let's go!