Never forget bitcoin is money everything else is just an asset


Money literally measures all assets and all wealth in a society. For every single thing that has value theres enough money to represent that value. All the value on earth has to fit inside 21 million coins.

Some other coins may be valuable for their smart contract applications monkey jpegs and ICOs. Some coins may be valuable for their meme appeal. Some coins may be valuable for their utility in cloud computing or data storage capabilities. But they are all just assets like microsoft stock, their coins represent demand for their platforms use just like microsoft stock represents demand for microsofts use. But bitcoin is money, bitcoin measures and accounts for the value of all other coins. Not only does bitcoin account for the value of all other coins it also accounts for the value of all stocks, bonds, realestate and commodities on earth.

So while one coin might reach a trillion dollar market cap up there with microsoft, another might reach a 500 billion dollar market cap up there with tencent, bitcoin is money so bitcoin is the one that has the potential to reach a price that represents all the value on planet earth because its core function is money, its function is to be the reference currency and reserve currency of planet earth for all countries corporations and individuals.

This means bitcoins target market cap isnt one trillion like some other software platform coins, it is $100 trillion at least possibly even one quadrillion. Thats a target of between $5 million and $50 million per coin in todays dollars not accounting for future inflation caused by collapsing fiat currencies.

Bitcoin is in an absolute league of its own and it has no competition when you understand the necessary prerequisite properties for something to become money.