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Neil Patrick Harris Suits up for Bitcoin ATM Campaign

Neil Patrick Harris joins hands with CoinFlip for a Bitcoin ATM campaign. To potential new investors, his message translates to — have you met Bitcoin? With this campaign, he aims to make it clear to people just how easy it is to invest in Bitcoin.

In a legen — wait for it — dary move, Neil Patrick Harris reveals his partnership with CoinFlip, a Bitcoin ATM operator. Together the two aim to launch a new ad campaign to elevate awareness on the ease of using Bitcoin ATMs.

The story of how Neil Patrick Harris met Bitcoin goes back to Bitcoin’s early days. The renowned actor reveals that he is an early Bitcoin investor. In detail, he reminisces about the time he first heard of Bitcoin. He specifies that although he didn’t understand the technology behind it, he couldn’t pass up on the opportunity to invest.

Moreover, back then the price of Bitcoin was extremely low compared to where it stands now. Harris took on the challenge of getting people to realize just how accessible Bitcoin is. Thus, he plans to fulfill this goal by creating an ad campaign with CoinFlip.

Bitcoin ATMs are the perfect opportunity to invest in Bitcoin. Specifically, with Bitcoin ATMs, users can directly put in cash and convert it to Bitcoin. The ad with CoinFlip is titled ‘So Flippin Easy’. It features Harris inserting cash into the ATM for a speedy conversion to Bitcoin. More so, he follows up by saying “crypto is cool”.

Upon discussing the value and possibilities of cryptos, the How I Met Your Mother star says,

Cryptocurrency is the future of how we shop, invest, and do business, but it can also be incredibly technical and intimidating…it’s why I joined forces with CoinFlip – their ATMs make it so anyone can turn their cash into a significant investment opportunity with a great return.

In other words, Harris is a strong advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. He believes that it is a great way to enable fast and simple transactions. Suffice to say...

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