Need help with CLTV; I want to lock away bitcoins for 1 year

Need help with CLTV; I want to lock away bitcoins for 1 year

Hi /r/bitcoin

How does one actually write and broadcast a transaction with an CLTV script.

Step by Step instructions would help me a lot.

My goal is to send x.y amount of bitcoin to my address but with a lock of 1 year.

This is what I have come up:

<ripemd160(my_address)> EQUALVERIFY CHECKSIG

The PowerShell line I use to calculate seconds since 1970:

((Get-Date).AddYears(1) - (Get-Date -Year 1970 -Month 1 -Day 1 -Hour 0 -Minute 0)).totalseconds

Where do I have to input my code if it were correct?If I have to compile it, how do I do that?When I have it compiled, where do I input the compiled code?

I didn't find any YouTube video to my surprise and the internet articles/wiki don't have step by step instructions on how to compile the code nor where to input the code.

Do I have to sign a message? Is there an app that allows me to do my usecase in an easy way?


I want to stop myself from spending a certain amount of bitcoin for 1 year on the blockchain.

How? Thank you!


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Important: The redeem script is needed as well. Even after the timelock expires a special transaction must be crafted to spend the bitcoins.