Need help testing a new Bitcoin Website!

1M Ago
Hi Everyone! I am a one-man show with a part-time developer who helps me, and I am looking for some support! Can the community please help me test my website out []( Currently in testing. ​ * What is the website? **BitcoinCustomers** lists vendors around the world which accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It helps users find local licensed Cannabis vendors around them today. Additionally, I plan to have BitcoinCustomers help enable vendors interested in accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. ​ * **What can you do to help?** If you can kindly sign up and play around with the website and let me know about 1. any bugs you find 2. Anything that doesn't seem intuitive 3. feedback/suggestions 4. general comments ​ As a regular user: 1. Register 2. Navigate around the website 3. Leave reviews for sites/products 4. update profile ​ After you create an account, request a business account. (I will approve it as soon as I see it) As a business user: 1. create a company 2. create different products 3. create stores 4. add products to the store 5. Navigate around the website 6. update company profile 7. respond to feedback if any exists In general play around with the website, and help be polish it up! Would really appreciate the support. Thank you so much