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Nearly $10B Worth of Bitcoin Hold in Institutional Investors!

As per an Oct. 22 report from Trustnodes, there are nearly $10 billion worth of Bitcoin held in a variety of institutional investors including listed companies. 

Companies holding Bitcoin as of October 2020.

As per the statistics site, MicroStrategy Inc. has become the company holding the largest amount of Bitcoin, with total value of $1 billion. The second is Galaxy Digital Holdings. Followed is Square, a payment conduct platform which holds around $50 million worth of Bitcoin. 

Nearly all the rest companies on the list have already involved in crypto businesses. However, Mode Global Holdings, as the newly Bitcoin HODLer and a U.K.-based Financial Technology company listed on London Security Exchange, has exchanged its 10% of cash reserve to Bitcoin. And it is the first U.K.-listed company that holds Bitcoin, noting: "this holds as part of protecting users' asset from devaluation."

It is reported that banking interest rate in the U.K. hit the all-time low of 0.1%.

A number of researches indicate Bitcoin could play a positive role in diversified portfolio, being a dependable investment choice. The inner speciality allows Bitcoin to be unrelated to other assets. That is to say, individual investors had better invest at least 1% of their funds in Bitcoin; for higher-risk borne and young investors, Bitcoin is better to account for at least 10% in the portfolio. 

As large-scale companies keep around $500 billion funds, it is however still uncanny whether they will exchange the funds into Bitcoin, forming a new trend.

The currency devaluation may force companies to seek for various increment methods. These 23 companies have already held 785,999 Bitcoin. Mode's stock enjoyed a surge from $46 to $50 per stock, an around 10% surge. 

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