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naive people on here and elsewhere

there is no secret trick to this shit... there is no way to double your money etc from scammers or random emails, texts, donations for corona etc.. im honestly kind of tired of seeing people fall for naive comments, advice, and hackers asking for info or btc donations... im REALLY new to this shit and the failure of so many to see through bullshit baffles me... also just read an article about a dude losing 10k on coinbase. WHY THE FUCK would you leave that much on coinbase. and WHY would u open a text asking for verizon phone number authentication WHILE ALSO leaving that much money on coinbase... UGH if you take this shit seriously you have to treat it like a legitimate form of investment. you don't see people going: "how to double all your value in stocks by clicking this email!" yet there are so many people in this BTC community falling for BASIC and OBVIOUS scams. its sort of ironic considering these people want bitcoin to be taken seriously yet they think it's this weird anomaly to other investment types where there are these secret random tricks and ways to double down or make way more than everyone else overnight. if these tricks worked everyone would be doing them. if these tricks worked it would also mean bitcoin is a fucking joke.... get my message? SUMMARY TO NOOBS EVEN THOUGH IM A NOOB WHO BOUGHT IN TWO WEEKS AGO BUT SEEM TO SEE IDIOTS EVERYWHERE LATELY: dollar cost averaging. avoiding any attempts to catch a falling knife. knowing when to cut your losses. simply not being ridiculously greedy and learning when to cash out profits (if thats your goal instead of HODLing)AND LASTLY being ok with paying another 50 or so for a cold storage wallet is like literally the playbook you should go by for this shit. there is no magic secret shit you're missing. read the fucking news and learn to form your own opinions. rant over. im drunk....
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