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My Vision on Events and the Future of Bitcoin.

Everyone’s debt relies on the fact that everyone else pays their debt. Government is in debt, billionaires, millionaires, people with 6 figures, the average worker, even the students. Our god is debt, and that’s why many refuse to look at the world in a different way. So at the moment you have a big subsection of the entire population of the world that can’t pay their debt and they will be given options to help pay that and hold it off. But that relies on jobs, mental health, consistency and public order in overall compliancy with the system it’s hit a level where to many holes are in the wall from to many different dimensions and the only thing that creates value in currencies drowned in debt is the fact that people are oblivious to the situation, paralysed by the fear and willing to continue for normalcy. Fear is always overstated in hindsight and the western world has detached people from their ability to communicate with this process by hijacking people’s amygdala’s with 24/7 news with problems derived from the curations of a debt driven society. Then people join a group to fight the system by using the system to elevate their cause. We start arguing about who’s the biggest victim, all stimulated by people who make money off this to pay off debt and benefit from the lower classes not self organising. The magic about systems is most people don’t understand how interwoven they are into every fabric of society and the minds of how people see reality. World economies are the top dog in system hierarchy and when they’re dying it creates the vision that the world is too. The only answer I see out of this mess, and why I don’t worry as much because humans are instinctual to evolutionary survival is gradual or sudden change to a new system that is better. Some will hang onto the system as long as they can, mostly those benefiting from it and so heavily dependent on its survival. Others will form socialist societies and fall to the flaws of humans as they always d...
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The Lindy Effect & Bitcoin

Popularised by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the Lindy Effect argues that a technology/idea which has survived for years has a much better chance of surviving well into the future. 
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Why Bitcoin is NOT a Ponzi in 6 Tweets

1/ It's intuitive for smart people to see Bitcoin as a ponzi/bubble at first.Why?Because MONETARY VALUE is DEPENDENT on OTHER HUMANS. If you are trapped on a island alone, monetary goods (dollars, gol...