My stupid ideas about Twitter and Bitcoin


My stupid ideas about Twitter and Bitcoin

Dear Elon, here are my ideas for Twitter:

1) Twitter sets up a Lightning node (soon to be largest in the world, by far)

2) Users can continue as before with their accounts, or they can opt to open a lightning channel with Twitter, and fund it to earn a star color.

3) Depending on the level of funding that is put into the user's Lightning channel, the user is assigned a star color. 50k sats (~$10): red. 200k sats (~$50): orange. 1M sats (~$200): yellow. 5M sats (~$1000): green.

4) This channel funding is fully refundable at any time.

5) A user can choose to direct BTC to any other user for any reason via Twitter Lightning instantly at no cost. Charity, purchase goods or service, gift, streaming fee, etc. We are long overdue for a system that allows free, instant, global money transfer between humans, within a virtual town square of hundreds of millions of users. If desired, the user can just leave the BTC sitting there to maintain their star rating - there is no requirement to spend money.

6) If a user breaks the Twitter terms of service such as abuse, bot behavior, etc, then other users can report them. This will be reviewed by a team at Twitter or a panel of volunteer user reviewers trained for the role. If the user is found to have violated the ToS, then first offence is warning and next is a fine of half of the funding of their Lightning channel (a financial cost to the user).

7) If you report a post/comment as violating the ToS, but the reviewers find that you did so disingenuously (clearly to harass someone) then you are warned, and next time subject to a fine. This is a financial incentive to play by the rules.

8) Proceeds from fines will be awarded daily to a random user in a lottery. What fun.

9) Users can choose in settings which star level comments/posts are visible to them. Most users will likely choose to hide posts/comments from no-star users because many are malicious and/or bots. If bots are trying to operate without financial cost, they may quickly find out that their audience is small and shrinking. This incentivises users to fund a star on their account due to an inferior user experience without a star, and puts a price on bots.

10) Channels can choose to only allow certain star levels to subscribe. A higher star level implies a higher level of trust and commitment to following the rules as there is more to lose.