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My Goal Last Year Was to Have At Least 1 BTC!

As the title states, last year my goal was to have 1 BTC. To everyone who are working on their way to a full BTC, just be patient and you will accomplish your goal. The problem is that once you have one BTC you'll want more lol. As of right now I have more than one and still keep buying. My goal is to have at least 5 BTC before we go over $20k. It will be hard to accomplish that goal but I will be fine if I don't achieve it. Good luck to everyone and make sure you place your BTC on a ledger. Do not leave it in exchanges. $HODLTHATBTC [My goal last year!](
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Why Should You Buy Then HODL Bitcoin in 2020?

I am convinced that Bitcoin is a revolution that will transform the world of the future to provide a better life for more people. I’m part of the so-called Bitcoiners. For us, the Bitcoin revolution…
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Facebook Libra vs Bitcoin vs the Government

All eyes are focused on the battle between Facebook Libra and the US Government. 2019 has been quite an interesting month for the cryptocurrency market, as cryptocurrencies are finally being publicly ...