My friend got scammed out of 6k I’m trying to help her but..


Hey guys,

Okay so I don’t really know too much about bitcoin but my friend recently got scammed out of 6k because she saw some girl she follows on tik tok post about how she does bitcoin and she wanted to invest in it because she would gain more money back. (DUMB I KNOW!!) Anyways so she sends this girl 6k via cashapp, and then the girl tells her sorry you didn’t gain anything from it and basically kept the 6K and disappeared. First of all she works at freakin Walmart so, like she needs that money back she worked hard for it, I’m trying to help, but quite frankly I have no clue what’s actually happening or how this process works. Can she dispute the transaction with her bank, cause in the past when I’ve been scammed I was able to. Pls helpppp.