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My dad doesn't believe in Bitcoin, but he plays the lottery every week...

I was not sure to tell my family I had bitcoin. Then my dad tells me how Bitcoin has no value and is going to collapse sooner or later. I mean, sure there will be dips, but long term looks promising imo. Then aside he tries to win the lottery and buys a ticket every week. I mean, nothing wrong, to win you have to participate. But then he shouldn't say that it's dumb to invest in Bitcoin lol... Let's say I won't tell them that I invested in Bitcoin for now, even though I got more returns than he did 🙃 Edit : he's not a stupid person, it's more that he never really liked risky investments (even bonds). It would make him worried that I have some money in cryptocurrencies (even though it's an amount I'm okay to invest or even lose). I could say lottery is his "péché mignon". But as long as you don't win anything, in a rational point of view, it's not as good as btc. Sorry if I expressed myself incorrectly, I love my dad ! Edit 2: Thank you for the awards! 🤯🙇🏼‍♂️
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