My Bitcoin story started in 2016. First heard of it in 2013; thought it was a fad then. In 2016 I saw it was still around so I reconsidered my uneducated decision of it being “just a fad”; thanks to having been working as a tech analyst. Learning to judge based on facts & data instead of emotions

14D Ago
Again, I started in 2016. First heard about it in 2013. Thought it was a fad then, then in 2016 I saw it was still around and reconsidered my uneducated decision of it “being a fad”, after having been working as a tech analyst for a while, learning to judge based on facts and data instead of baseless emotions thanks to the lessons I learned from my job. Studied it more to make a decision based on facts and data, learned about the financial system thanks to it, and started a $50 dollar a week DCA. An amount of money I wasted weekly on beer, cigarettes, or fast food anyway that would get me no where in life with those habits. Cut back on that stuff to start my DCA(dollar cost average), calculating that if my analysis was wrong, then it was money I would’ve spent anyway. Glad I made the bet too, because thanks to it I got a multi six figure savings and my family isn’t suffering from this hellish inflation most are suffering from today. Also learned of its convenience when my banks over the years failed me, and my self custody’d Bitcoin would be the solution. Was like the early days of the internet when the post office failed me but email would save me. Today, I keep that dollar cost average conversion of my fiat savings into a ₿Itcoin savings going, but at a rate where I no longer wish to keep dollars I don’t plan to hold for 5 years or more. Because I’ve learned since then that ₿Itcoin is money that can’t be stopped. Aka permission-less. Meaning, should shit hit the fan and banks block access like Celsius, Voyager, and Lebanese banks have, then I rather have my money in Bitcoin via a cold storage wallet I control to do whatever I want with or move wherever I want with it, than risk having it get locked away from my control by a 3rd party custodian, where they can potentially keep my money inaccessible me when I need it most.